As North Cyprus Cycling Federation, we are aware of the fact that our first duty is to contribute to our youth, cycling sport as well as other sports in our country.


From this point of view, we are very glad and honoured to see that International North Cyprus Cycling Tour which has become a tradition now,  taking us one step closer to this important aim thanks to your valuable contributions.


With its climate, nature, historical and cultural beauty, scenic trails as well as its geogrophical conditions and position, North Cyprus, a candidate for being one of the leading cycle tourism centres, possesses very important elements not only for the cyclists but also for the cycling fans.


Life is nothing but a struggle to achieve better. We sincerely believe that our race this year will be so much better than it was last year thanks to the important contributions of yours.


On this occasion, we would like to express again our sincere thanks and appreciation especially to our Prime Ministry, Prime Ministry Sports Department and Ministry of Tourism as well as our sponsors, fans, participating teams, cyclists and to all our people who support this organization for their interest and valuable support in 3rd. International North Cyprus Cycling Tour.


Ekin Adademir

Turkish Republic of North Cyprus